What Does It Feel Like

What Does It Feel Like To Be An Intersex Woman?

May 01, 2021 Hosts Alicia and Rafael Season 2 Episode 14
What Does It Feel Like
What Does It Feel Like To Be An Intersex Woman?
Show Notes

Alicia and Rafa talk to their friend Juleigh Mayfield about her journey as an Intersex female. This is one of our favorite episode and we enjoyed speaking with Juleigh about her journey.

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Juleigh's Website: https://www.justjuleigh.com/about-juleigh/

About Juleigh - Juleigh Amanda Mayfield was born 47XXY. She has an additional chromosome attached to every pair in her chromosomes chart.  Neither male nor female, but a configuration of both sexes.  She was raised as a male.  With a lack of understanding and education regarding her condition Juleigh struggled with autistic traits, cognitive issues, undiagnosed seizures, learning disabilities, social skills and boundaries.

In addition to being XXY, she was diagnosed with Klinefelter’s Syndrome at the age of 17.  Doctor’s told Juleigh that it was the same thing, but it is not.  Klinefelter’s Syndrome is a disease of the testicle that materializes in XXY males during puberty.  XXY occurs during development in utero.

XXY is usually caused by a disjunction error in meiosis at the earliest stages of conception when the egg has been fertilized.  The additional X can come from either the Mother or the Father. You can be XXY and never develop Klinefelter’s , although NOT developing Kleinfelter’s is rare. Most XXYs identify as male gendered.

Juleigh is currently working on a documentary about her journey and life.  She is trying to advocate for all XXYs.  Not everyone will have to transition but in Juleigh’s case it would extend her life past the 5 year diagnosis the doctors originally gave her.

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